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using AI and best practices to optimize the casino journey from the offer to the floor and credit to fraud

differential labs

Applications which take casino best practices, super charge with AI and delivering at scale -- all real-time

The application is built around AI driven campaign optimization

Impact of AI driven campaign optimization versus traditional marketing uses AI to find the best marketing strategy at the player level based on upside, preferences and lifecycle.  And as her behavior changes the strategy adapts. 


Manage a player's journey across the casino floor with diff real-time marketing app

Often the best time to influence a patron is while she is active on the floor.  Getting it right requires mass personalization and seamless integration. 


Incremental lift from real-time marketing

the diff.modules


Unlike most software solutions, the differential platform was built by the most experienced gaming professionals in the industry.  Collectively, we have hands-on experience in every major casino market and have opened and operated the biggest casinos globally.


Clayton Peister

Founder & analyst

Managed strategy or analytics at many of the largest casinos globally.  Opened three multi-billion-dollar properties.


I would like to chat.  Email me at



John Lin

One of the most seasoned developers and operators both on-line and at bricks and mortar casinos. 

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