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Lift from realtime marketing

Real-time marketing engine specialized to the casino industry

In working with properties around the world, we have found the best time to market to a player is while she is active on the gaming floor.  Many properties today do that through generic promotions with, often, nominal success.  In fact, we have found that generic promotions typically only lift spend by 2-5% and overtime become entitlements: a middling use of a limited reinvestment budget. 


Clever casino marketers are using real-time marketing to personalize offers on-the-fly which reflect the patrons’ current situation.  For instance, we recommend speaking to a reactivated player who is down on the day differently than a lodging patron who is very active and similarly down.  The secret sauce is finding each players’ ‘key intervention point’ and then personalizing an offer.  In practice, scaling this secret sauce to all the players requires vision and a healthy dose of artificial intelligence. 

Example intersection of intervention points and segmentation


See diff gaming influence a players' journey while active on the floor

(each dot is a player on the floor)

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