differentiating your rooms program with diff.marketing

Most novelists would struggle to create a better metaphor for how a casino marketing team manages their room inventory than to liken the process to juggling chainsaws.  Like chainsaw-juggling, if done correctly, the effect can be impressive but likewise an out of sync moment can be disastrous.  We have worked with casino marketing teams across the globe and typically 10-20% of respondents to a rooms-offer will miss expectations.  It doesn't need to be this way.


The diff.marketing ecosystem

diff.marketing develops offers based on the forecasted demand, the number of rooms remaining and then personalizes the offer based on the incremental lift and ROI for every patron in the database. 


The diff.marketing room yielding widget

diff.marketing brings room yielding to the player development team via an interactive widget.  Room offers are personalized to the patron based on the overarching demand forecast and the number of available rooms.  Hosts can view, explain and directly book room offers via the diff.marketing room yielding widget.  See how offers are personalized to different players (i.e. PIDs) below.


The diff.marketing app supports casino-cash, play-based comp rooms and comp-rooms out of the box.  Hosts can view any T&Cs as well as event calendars directly from the widget interface. diff.marketing will prompt for a credit card, if needed, and send the reservation to the hotel reservation system.


diff.marketing yielding tool is available natively within the diff.marketing application and / or a widget can be exposed and integrated into major CRM applications.